Salad & Vegetable Washing Machine

Salads must be clean washed and spun to the correct moisture level – it's also important that they are not being damaged during this process. These are the central features of the salad washing machine of Villiger Technik. Thanks to the 360° nozzle system and the vertical diving the salads are washed thoroughly. The innovative spinning system is very easy on the salad during the drying process.

The salad or vegetables is leaving the machine washed and with the correct moisture level. Up to 600 crates of salads or vegetables per hour can be washed this way.

After the washing and drying process the salad is ready for further processing like packaging or transport in the crates. This way trucks and storage houses stay dry.


Washing stations

The salad is being washed in five washing stations. First the crate and the salad are washed with the 360° nozzle system from all sides. A gentle shower cleanses the salad from above. After that the crates are going to be dives vertical in the three diving stations. Thanks to the meshed floor of the crates the water is whirling around and penetrates the salad deeply, to cleanse the salad from dirt thoroughly. The last washing station washes and showers the salad again from all sides.

Spinning system

After the washing stations the salad will be freed from water in the innovative spinning system. Thanks to the centrifugal force the gripper arms are slowly pressed up like being in a carousel – the salad is not pressed sideways onto the walls of the crates, it's pressed down to the floor of the crates, which is very gentle processing and doesn't damage the salad. The acceleration and the revolutions can be configured to set the required moisture level.

Technical specifications

Length without feeder belt: 720cm
Width: 280cm
Height: 200cm

Power supply 400V 16A
Compressed air connection
Water supply