Manure Suction System

Some of the most time consuming work that has to be done every day in a big horse stable is cleaning out all the horseboxes — in many stables even more than once a day. Villiger Technik provides a convenient system to assist you doing this work. The manure is transported in a pipe system from the horsebox to the manure place by air.

The centrally located turbo system transports the manure with air along pipes from every horsestable to the manure place. The cyclone and the attached turnstyle is separating the airflow from the manure, which is not being blown out of the system — it just falls onto the manure place. The surrounding stays nice and clean.

Pipe System

The pipe system is very flexible. In new stables the pipes are typically installed under the floor. In already existing stables the pipes can also be attached over the horseboxes to make it easier to install them. The pipes are made out of a strong and long-lasting material and are reinforced with stainless steel in the bends.

Turbo System

The turbo system is powered by a 22 – 37 kW motor and produces a high vacuum with a strong and steady airflow. The manure is transported through the pipe system by air at well over 30 m/s – depending on the wetness and weight of the manure itself.

The turbo system is built from stainless steel, which makes it very robust, long lasting, low-maintenance and reliable.

Automatic Power Regulation

The computer regulated automatic power regulation system can optionally be installed. It adjusts the power progressive according to the required suction strength. If there's a lot of manure to be sucked out the power goes up, if the flaps are closed the power goes down. If the system is idle over a longer period of time it will be shut down automatically. This saves energy and guarantees the suction strength that is needed when the machine is heavily used.

Manure Distributor

An optional manure distributor can be attached to the turbo system. It distributes the manure evenly in a container or onto the manure place.

We offer two variations. The rotary distributor is suited for situations where there is enough room above the manure place. The compact flat-design distributor is used if there is not much room available.